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Parkside in the Community
Parkside School
1017 E. Park Blvd
Boise, Idaho 83712
(208) 283-2777 


Students enrolled in Parkside School have the option of attending weekly gymnastics classes.  Instruction is given at
Gem State Gymnastics. Our classes are currently on Thursday afternoons.

Students enrolled in yoga are transported to Shine Yoga. They participate in a dynamic program that is developmentally appropriate and teaches them basic yoga poses, movement and emotional awareness. 

Parkside Students have the benefit of music instruction from
Musical Kids.  It was formed by Kristin Sample in 1988. With a degree in Music Education and Piano Performance, Kristin developed this early childhood music program to better prepare students for future music lessons. Now licensed with Musikgarten, a national curriculum written by Lorna Heyge and Audrey Sillick, Musical Kids incorporates the latest research and music available for young children. Music is currently offered on Wednesdays.
Basque Experience
In recognition of our Basque community, we have developed an exciting Summer program during the month of August that explores this culture and the Basque contribution in Idaho. It encompasses dance, music, language, cuisine, a Basque Block tour and visits with Basques in the community.


A dance and movement class is offered by professional ballerinas on site. An excellent elective for body awareness/movement and appreciation for the arts.

Swimming Lessons
Swim lessons are offered throughout the summer months by Gem State Gymnastics.The sessions run for two-week periods, every day Monday through Thursday. Great progress is made during these months and most learn to swim by the end of summer. 

Pizza Day
Every Wednesday we offer an optional pizza lunch.  The children enjoy pizza, fruit/veggie, cookie and organic milk.

Organic Milk
Organic milk is also offered as an option Monday through Friday at lunch and snack times.

As part of our curriculum, Claudia Fernsworth, our Science Teacher, will instill a love of science and the joy of curiousity to her students at Parkside School. Note our science objectives. Her classes are held on Monday mornings. 

An age appropriate, professionally developed child fitness soccer program is offered through Happy Feet. Three developmental levels are offered.  

Boise Art Museum
Parkside School transports each class to the Boise Art Museum to experience the latest installations, with a docent and before the Museum is open to the public, to view developmentally appropriate art which culminates with an art project in the art room at the museum. 

MK Nature Center
The MKNC and Parkside School are partners in education. Children enjoy hands on, outside education learning about animals, weather, fish, birds, insects, streams, ponds and our major ecosystem, the Boise River. Students are exposed to the important responsibility of being good stewards of nature through this wonderful twice monthly experience.

Boise Watershed
We are very aware of maintaining healthy water resources here in the arid West. Visiting the Boise Watershed and enjoying their outreach programs, the children learn all the facets of water conservation, resources, what inhabits our lakes, rivers and streams and how we can be a partner in their future health.

Idaho Botanical Garden
IBG introduces the children to all aspects of Botanical Education. It is a hands on, sensory experience that utilizes the flora and fauna contained in their many acres of wonder. The Children's Garden is also a treasure trove of exploration and hands on education. Each visit is punctuated with a project that reinforces their learning experience.

Parkside's Play Yard
Outside play and exploration is a huge part of a healthy Preschool experience. Children should be free to use their imagination and bodies to integrate all their learning modalities. The play yard has a climbing wall, play systems to climb and swing, planters to explore, bugs, flowers, herbs and vegetables that they till, plant and eat. Sand, an important sensory component, can be dug, molded, watered and flooded to create puddles, lakes and dams. We have a compost pile, rakes, shovels, trucks, and various digging implements. In the Summer our playground is covered with sun sails to provide shade. Picnic tables are often utilized for outside lunches, snacks and celebrations throughout the year.

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