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Parkside in the Community

Parkside School
1017 E Park Blvd
Boise, ID 83712


The center of our philosophy is instilling a passionate love for reading, nature, the arts and the world that it opens.

Thank you for your interest in Parkside School.  For over 20 years, we have been  providing exceptional Early Childhood Education in Boise, Idaho.

We are conveniently located in the downtown corridor -walking distance to the Boise River and the beautiful Greenbelt!

Parkside School's location allows us to take advantage of the "Greenbelt neighborhood" which includes The MK Nature Center, Boise Art Museum, Zoo Boise, Julia Davis Park, Discovery Center, The Idaho Botanical Garden and The Idaho Shakespeare Theatre. 

Our students enjoy their own playground complete with a "green" Rainbow Play System, climbing wall, climbing dome and irrigated planters, one for each classroom. It is here that they experience  gardening which is part of our curriculum. 
Parkside is within walking distance to the MK Nature Center where students frequently participate in the educational programs that are offered year round. Wildlife Educators instruct the children about Idaho wildlife and habitats and fulfill several of our Earth Science objectives.

Summer will  find us at the Idaho Botanical Garden learning about the many aspects related to Naturalist Intelligence. It is here that they will experience nature... collecting and studying insects and flowers. In Winter the Garden visits us with their "outreach" program bringing seasonal knowledge to the students.

We also believe in the Arts. Dance, regular visits to the Boise Art Museum with docents and projects in their art room and music education,  play an important part of our experiences.

Parkside School offers full time Pre-Kindergarten and full time Preschool both with half day morning or afternoon options. We also offer a dual language Spanish classroom instructed by an Early Childhood Specialist and native speaker. Our small class sizes allows for individual attention and differentiated instruction.

We are not a school driven by chronological placement but by developmental placement. Doing so allows us the flexibility to place a child throughout the year according to their needs at any given
moment.  A child can be admitted to Parkside School when fully potty trained.

We are inspired by Gardner's Eight Intelligences and take from that theory that each child possesses  many unique abilities.

Thank you for your interest in Parkside School.

Hilary Torusoglu, School Principal

call/text: (208)-890-0283

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